Canterbury Tales

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Geoffrey Chaucer was an English poet. Geoffrey was born as circa in 1343 in London. Canterbury Tales was his best work.His work was so good that you can tell that
he could read French, Latin, and Italian.The Canterbury Tales wasn't written until Chaucer was in his early 40's. He was sometimes called the father of English literature.

Made an enormous mark on the language and literature of England. Was among the first Writers to show that English could be a respectable literary language. His work
is known as a cornerstone of English literature. In Chaucer's last two decades he saw his finest literary achievements Troilus and Criseyde and the masterpiece The Canterbury

Summary of The Canterbury Tale

The Canterbury Tales begins with the general Prologue, a detailed introduction and description of each pilgrims journeying to Canterbury to catch sight of the shrine to Sir Thomas a Becket, the martyred saint of Christianity, supposedly buried in the Cathedral of Canterbury since 1170. The pilgrims, a mixture of virtuous and villainous characters from Medieval England, include a knight, his son the squire, the knight's Yeoman, a Prioress, a Second Nun, a Monk, a Friar, a Merchant, a Clerk, a Man of Law, a Franklin, a Weaver, a Dyer, a Carpenter, a Tapestry - Maker, a Haberdasher, a Cook, a Shipman, a Physician, a Parson, a Miller, a Manciple, a Reeve, a Summoner, a Pardoner, the Wife of Bath, and Chaucer himself. They each bring a slice of England to the trip with their stories of glory, chivalry, Christianity, villainy, disloyalty, cuckoldry, and honor. Some pilgrims are faithful to Christ and his teachings, while others openly disobey the church and its law of faithfulness, honor, and modesty.

3 Characters From The Prologue

The knight- a most distinguished man, who from the day on which he first began to ride abroad had followed chivalry, truth, honor, generousness and courtesy.

The Squire- a fine young Squire, a lover and cadet, a lad of fire with locks as curly as if they had been pressed. Some twenty years of age, he was of moderate length, with wonderful agility and strength.

The Yeoman- an attendant in a noble household. Wore a coat and hood of green, and peacock- feathered arrows, bright and keen and nearly sheathed, hung at his belt the while for he could dress his gear
in yeoman style, his arrows never drooped their feathers low and in his hand he bore a mighty bow. His head was like a nut, his face was brown.

3 Characters From The Pardoner's Tale

Death- kills them all around there, and in a breath he speared him through the heart, he never stirred. Killed a thousand in the present plague.

The Old Man- very old and poor, made it through many journey's and he will not let death take his life. He also gives good advice to the three wise men.

The Pardoner- reminds the other pilgrims that death may come to them at any time.

3 Characters From Wife of Bath

The Queen- sent summons to the knight at her convenience, and expressed her will.

The Knight- was a lusty liver. Robbed the Maiden.

The Old Lady- Told the king that he had to marry her.

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